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1st INTERNATIONAL REAL-LIFE EMISSIONS WORKSHOP ON SMALL-SCALE COMBUSTION : The measurement methods and emission components for the solid fuel combustion appliances

November 9, 2022, University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio campus & online

The Real-LIFE Emissions project consortium organized the first international workshop on 9th November 2022. The workshop emphasized the discussions on the measurement methods and particulate emission components produced from the small-scale solid fuel combustion. The workshop brought more than 130 scientists, combustion appliance manufacturers, regulators, and experts in the field together from 17 countries and discussed current issues and solutions for the residential combustion emissions, sampling methods and several other ongoing projects and activities related to residential combustion emissions measurement in different EU countries (e.g. Norway and Switzerland). There were three sessions and 11 presentations including 6 presentations from external institutions in three different EU countries. The workshop held both online and onsite and a lot of discussions were held both at the venue and in the Q&A chat panel. The workshop was able to communicate with the experts in the field and exchange knowledge about the novel sampling methods and health and environmental impacts of particle components from residential combustion between the project members and external experts.

More information of the workshop can be found from the links below.

This workshop was first of the international workshops series. In the future there will be two international workshops, which will be organised by the other project beneficiaries.