Past visiting professors

Gérard Chollet

Haizhou Li


Past visiting researchers

Bhusan Chettri

Dayana Ribas

Cemal Hanilçi 

Sabato Marco Siniscalchi 

Elie Khoury

Amir Hossein Poorjam

Pejman Mowlaee 


Past post-doctoral researchers

Md Sahidullah

Padmanabhan Rajan

Abraham Woubie


Past doctoral students

Anssi Kanervisto, Advances in Deep Learning for Playing Video Games, 2022.

Ivan Kukanov, Polyphonic Sound Event Detection: Phonetic Features and Environmental Sounds, 2021.

Ville Vestman, Methods for Fast, Robust, and Secure Speaker Recognition, 2020.

Alexey Sholokhov, Improving machine learning methods for speaker recognition and segmentation, 2018. Double-degree with ITMO university

Aleksandr Sizov, Secure and robust speech representations for speaker and language recognition, 2017

Rosa Gonzalez Hautamäki,  Human-induced voice modification and speaker recognition: automatic, perceptual and acoustic perspectivesm, 2017. 

Hamid BehravanAdvances in Automatic Foreign Accent Recognition, 2016.

Evgeny Karpov,  Efficient speaker recognition for mobile devices, 2011

Rahim Saeidi, Advances in front-end and back-end speaker recognition, 2011.