News and events

News and events

Events intended for general public

European Researcher’s Night 2018 @ UEF campus, September 2018

International conferences and workshops

ASVspoof 2021 Workshop, September 2021, co-organizer

Odyssey: The Speaker and Language Recognition Workshop, June 2014, co-organized with Machine Learning group

National conferences and workshops

Fonetiikan päivät 2022 (Finnish Phonetics Symposium), August 2022, co-organizer

Courses, summer schools and other training events

UEF summer school course Introduction to Speech and Machine Learning , August 2023

Human-centered writing and presenting posters by Jean-Luc Lebrun, November 2019

UEF summer school course Machine Learning for Speech, August 2019.

UEF summer school course Deep Reinforcement learning for Computer Games, August 2019

UEF summer school course Machine Learning Applied to Speech Technology and Autonomous Agents, August 2018

Scientific Writing Skills by Jean-Luc Lebrun , June 2018

UEF summer school course Machine Learning Applied to Bioinformatics and Speech Technology, August 2017

ECSE summer school 2012 with Patrick Kenny (CRIM/Canada), June 2012,  co-organized with Machine Learning group

ECSE summer school 2009 with Douglas A. Reynolds (MITLL/US), 2009, co-organized with Machine Learning group

Research seminars

Interspeech 2019 rehearsal seminar, September 2019

Speech Technology Summer Research Seminar, June 2018

Mini-Seminar on Speech and Audio Classification, June 2012, co-organized with the Machine Learning group