Scientific Publications in Different Fields

Different fields of science have their own traditions regarding research publications. Natural and medical sciences, as well as fields of technology represent a culture of publishing international paper articles. International publishing is natural in these fields, as the topics are also universal.

In contrast, regular books and publishing through domestic publishers are more common in the humanities. The practices of social sciences lie somewhere in the middle ground. In addition, public discourse through newspapers and often also in social media for instance, are also important for social sciences. In the fields of technology, on the other hand, it is common to publish patents in addition to other publication types.

The differences between sciences overall have decreased in recent years, and articles have become a more common publication type in all fields. Similarly, there has been a significant transition from national languages into English.

Publication types for research publishing

Articles in a scientific journal are the most common way to publish research information. Books, periodicals, and conference proceedings are focal publishing channels as well.

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