Plenary speakers

Our plenary speakers

  • Tero Mielonen

    Senior scientist

    Finnish Meteorological Institute

    Senior scientist Tero Mielonen is leading the Atmospheric Modelling group at the Finnish Meteorological Institute. He is mainly studying biogenic and biomass burning aerosols, and their impacts on cloud using climate models and remote sensing data sets. He is also interested in the societal impacts of climate change and the usability of high-resolution climate models as a support for decision making. He has also done experiments with science communication and public outreach. The title of his presentation is: “Are we in the same boat? Impacts of climate change and climate action are not distributed evenly.”

  • Anna Laine-Petäjäkangas

    University researcher

    University of Eastern Finland

    Anna Laine-Petäjäkangas works as a University researcher on restoration ecology at the University of Eastern Finland School of Forestry, Peatland and soil ecology group. She has a background on forest and peatland ecosystem ecology. Her main research interest falls on climate and biodiversity impacts of peatland restoration. Her goal is to find ways to optimize restoration/rewetting to target different ecosystem services. The title of her presentation is: “Peatland restoration as a nature based solution to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss”

  • Katrianne Lehtipalo


    University of Helsinki

    Katrianne Lehtipalo is professor of atmospheric science at the Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR), University of Helsinki and at the Finnish Meteorological Institute. She is leading the Atmospheric Aerosols research group at INAR. Her research is concentrating on understanding the first steps of aerosol formation and growth based on both laboratory experiments and field measurements. The title of her presentation is: “Aerosol formation in a changing climate: recent results and future directions”

  • Miikka Dal Maso


    Tampere university

    Professor Miikka Dal Maso graduated from University of Helsinki and spent his post-doctoral period in Germany, after which he returned to Finland and has been a professor at Tampere university since 2016. His research group tries to answer the question of how the emissions from man-made aerosol sources evolve in the atmosphere and how they affect climate and air quality. This involves detailed characterization of the emitted aerosol with latest methods, experimental simulation of the atmospheric dilution and oxidation processes, and numerical modeling of the physical and chemical transformations the aerosol experiences in its life-cycle. They also use atmospheric mass spectrometric methods (CI-TOF-CIMS and FIGAERO-CIMS) in emission and mobile settings. He is a vice director of the ACCC flagship. The title of his presentation is: “Atmospheric aerosols as an example of the benefits of addressing climate and air quality together”