Tuesday 21.11.

13:00-13:20      Welcoming words

13:20-15:05      Session 1: Quantifying and activating the potential of land-based climate change mitigation

                          Session Chairs: Vitus Besel & Tiina Törmänen

13:20-14:05       Plenary by Anna Laine-Petäjäkangas (UEF): Peatland restoration as a nature based solution to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss

14:05-14:15       Lejish Vettikkat (UEF): Ammonia flux measurements at the SMEAR-agri station using benzene-CIMS

14:15-14:25       Liisa Kulmala (FMI): Carbon Sequestration in Different Urban Vegetation Types

14:25-14:35       Ekaterina Ezhova (UH): Air mass transformation over boreal forest: effect on clouds and photosynthesis

14:35-14:45       Eliezer Khaling (UEF): Reactive nitrogenous gas (Nitrous acid) emissions along the fen-bog gradient from southern boreal in Finland to subarctic peatland in the context of changing climatic conditions.

14:45-14:55       Erkka Rinne (FMI): Local climate effects of peatland rewetting – A site pair analysis to simulate forest-to-wetland transition in boreal ecosystems

14:55-15:05       Magdalena Held (UH): Interconduit pits of two conifer species scale with conduit dimensions

15:05-15:30      Coffee break

(16:00-17:00      SIAB-meeting (only for SIAB members, room 1035))

15:30-17:30      Session 2: Climate change impact

                          Session Chairs: Nicola Kokkonen & Ville Leinonen

15:30-16:15       Plenary by Tero Mielonen (FMI): Are we in the same boat? Impacts of climate change and climate action are not distributed evenly

16:15-16:25       Egle Köster (UEF): Impact of long-term water level drawdown and contrasting weather conditions on ground level vegetation in boreal peatlands

16:25-16:35       Victoria Sinclair (UH): Identifying controls of the intensity of extra-tropical cyclones using a massive ensemble of baroclinic life cycle simulations

16:35-16:45       Tommi Bergman (FMI): Earth system impacts of a realistic ocean alkalinization deployment scenario

16:45-16:55      Short break

16:55-17:05       Carlos Palacin-Lizarbe (UEF): Winter nitrogen cycling in sediments of large boreal lakes affected by browning and mining

17:05-17:15       Katja Lauri & Rosa Rantanen (UH): Exploring climate change relevant art-science methodologies

17:15-17:30       Ending day 1

19:00-23:00      Dinner at Kuopion Klubi

Wednesday 22.11.

8:30-8:35           Opening the day

8:35-10:00         Session 3: Quantifying the air quality – climate interactions and their impacts

                           Session Chairs: Laura Salo & Andrea Wagner

8:35-9:20           Plenary by Miikka Dal Maso (TAU): Atmospheric aerosols as an example of the benefits of addressing climate and air quality together

9:20-9:30           Liqing Hao (UEF): Direct mitigation of organic aerosol particulate pollutants by photocatalysis:  an innovative concept for air pollution control

9:30-9:40           Juha Sulo (UH): Physicochemical processes behind new particle formation in the Po-Valley, Italy

9:40-9:50           Teemu Lepistö (TAU): Lung deposited surface area of particles near varying pollution sources and in different countries: Relationship with PM2.5

9:50-10:00         Evgeny Kadantsev (FMI): Bioaerosol flow cytometry in the atmosphere

10:00-10:15      FAAR Award Ceremony

10:15-11:40      Coffee and posters: Tietoteknia foyer and adjacent rooms 1035 and 1036

11:40-12:40    Lunch

12:40-14:15      Sessions 3

                          Session Chairs: Laura Salo & Andrea Wagner

12:40-12:50      Saara Peltokorpi (UEF): The effect of burning condition on the CCN activity of biomass burning particles

12:50-13:00      Pauli Paasonen (UH): Particle GR should be influenced by the mixing layer vertical temperature gradient

13:00-13:10      Johanna Tamminen (FMI): Satellite proxies for estimating spatial variation of new particle formation

13:10-13:20      Giulia Saponaro (ACTRIS ERIC): ACTRIS – shaping the future of atmospheric research

                         Session 4: Other topics

                         Session Chairs: Magdalena Okuljar & Niko Kinnunen

13:20-14:05      Plenary by Katrianne Lehtipalo (UH): Aerosol formation in a changing climate: recent results and future directions

14:05-14:15      Markku Kulmala (UH): The new paradigm to investigate NPF

14:15-14:35      Coffee break

14:35-14:45      Niklas Löther (UEF): Turning complex science into coherent policy: Why do scientific findings on the links between climate change and air pollution not have a bigger impact on governance?

14:45-14:55      Tea Thum (FMI): Modelling carbon exchange in a deciduous forest using leaf chlorophyll data

14:55-15:05      Fabian Schmidt-Ott (UH): mass and mobility of ions produced by radioactive sources and
corona discharges

15:05-15:15      Andreas Uppstu (FMI): Increasing trend of global in-air desert dust concentration based on the SILAM dispersion model and ERA5 meteorological data

15:15-15:25      Tiina Törmänen (UEF): Smart indicators for the restoration of ecosystem services in European wetlands

15:25-15:35      Hanna Lappalainen (UH): Climate university for virtual exchange (CLUVEX)

15:35-16:00      Closing words

Edited 16.11.2023