Logo of the Biomarker Laboratory

The Biomarker Laboratory offers diagnostic service of biomarkers of Alzheimer’s disease (BAm42, Tau, FosTau) from CSF and of neurofilament light chain (NfLc) from blood samples.

Results from biomarker analysis facilitate correct and early identification of Alzheimer’s disease. Biomarker Laboratory has ISO 15189 accreditation for Li-BAm42, Li-Tau and Li-FosTau analyses, which are run using automated immunoassays (Roche Elecsys).

Neurofilament light chain (NfLc) measured from blood sample (preferably EDTA-plasma) is a novel non-invasive biomarker for nervous system injury. The analysis requires ultrahigh sensitivity, which is offered by Quanterix Simoa (Single molecule array) technology.

The laboratory also actively conducts scientific research, including the development of Alzheimer’s analytics and studies related to biomarkers for other neurological diseases.

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Updated 20.10.2023