We would like to thank all sources who have supported our research:

Academy of Finland

Academy Project (2021-2025)
Academy Research Fellow (2015-2020, Risk pilot project)
Postdoctoral Researcher (2012-2015)

Sigrid Juselius Foundation

Senior Team Leader Grant (2023 – )
Senior Team Leader Grant (2020-2023)
Young Team Leader Grant (2018-2020)
Young Team Leader Grant (2015-2018)

Jane & Aatos Erkko Foundation

Project Funding, 2022-2024

Päivikki & Sakari Sohlberg Foundation

Project Funding, 2021
Project Funding, 2019
Project Funding, 2015
Project Funding, 2014

Magnus Ehrnrooth Foundation

Project Funding, 2020

and also

UEF Strategic Funding

Doctoral Student position in Doctoral Programme in Drug Research:
granted to S. Maljaei, 2023-2024
granted to J. Tampio, 2022-2023
granted to J. Huttunen, 2022
granted to A. Montaser, 2020-2022
granted to E. Puris, 2018-2019
granted to J. Kärkkäinen, 2016-2018

Emil Aaltonen Foundation

granted to J. Tampio, 2021

Alfred Kordelin Foundation

granted to E. Puris, 2018

Finnish Cultural Foundation

granted to A. Králová, 2023

granted to E. Puris, 2017
granted to J. Kärkkäinen, 2016

Orion Research Foundation

granted to J. Kärkkäinen, 2017

Finnish Pharmaceutical Society

granted to S. Maljaei, 2023
granted to J. Kärkkäinen, 2015

Paavo Koistisen Säätiö

granted to J. Kärkkäinen, 2014