Other Group Members

Postdocs / Senior Scientists

Senior Scientist Santosh Adla, Ph.D., 2020 –
(Pro)drug design, synthesis and characterization
In vitro studies

Postdoc Sema Tuna Torunoglu, Ph.D., 2022 –
In vitro cellular uptake and viability studies (several cell lines)

Ph.D. Students

Ville Kuorikoski, M.Sc., 2022 –
Models of transporters
Computational drug design

Adela Kralova, M.Sc., 2022 –
In vitro/ in vivo uptake and efficacy/toxicity studies
Proteomics, metabolomics

Landry Amamea, M.Sc., 2022-
(Pro)drug Design and Synthesis
In vitro characterization

Seyedhamed Maljaei, M.Sc., 2021-
(Pro)drug design and synthesis
In vitro characterization

Janne Tampio, M.Sc., 2019 –
In vitro efficacy/toxicity studies (several biomarkers)
Metabolomics, proteomics

Jussi Kärkkäinen, M.Sc., 2014 –
In vitro cellular uptake studies
Currently working at Kuopio University Hospital, Radiopharmacy unit

In co-supervision with Prof. Rautio and Prof. Poso

Arun Tonduru, M.Sc., 2020-
Models of OATP transporters

Katayun Bahrami, M.Sc., 2018 –
LAT1 protein model and in vitro studies

Juulia Järvinen, M.Sc., 2017 –
In vitro uptake studies and brain uptake mechanism
M.Sc. Students


Ms. Tiina Koivunen
(Pro)drug synthesis and characterization, in vitro studies

Ms. Sari Ukkonen (working part-timely in our projects)
In vitro studies

In addition

3-5 M.Sc. Students yearly
6-8 ERASMUS or ex-changed students yearly