Geophysical inverse problems

Geophysical inverse problems

Geophysics is a rich source of inverse problems and the first field of research in which statistical (Bayesian) inversion was widely adopted: subsurface can be probed with a large number of modalities and each modality involves a large number of parameters, only few of which are typically interesting. Furthermore, other modelling errors and uncertainties such as domain truncation are practically unavoidable.

We have considered electromagnetic and wave propagation related modalities, with the latter being the main focus currently. However, we study the related uncertainty modelling in general, including the multimodality joint inversion and estimation of risks in prospecting. A particular focus is on estimation of water resources (video on youtube).


Timo Lähivaara

Past and present collaborators

  • A. Malehmir, Uppsala University, Department of Earth Sciences
  • N. F. Dudley Ward, University of Canterbury, Civil and Natural Resources Engineering
  • A. Pasanen, Geological Survey of Finland
  • T. Cui, Monash University, School of Mathematical Sciences
  • K. Niinimäki, l’Université Paris-Sud, Imagerie par Résonance Magnétique Médicale et Multi-Modalités
  • Z. Rawlinson, GNS Science