ValoMC is an open source Monte Carlo code that can simulate the passage of visible and near infrared range photons through matter. The simulation geometry is defined using triangular or tetrahedral meshes. The model solves for boundary and volumetric data and supports various boundary conditions, types of light sources, as well as intensity modulated light. While the model is capable of simulating complex measurement geometries, attention is given to ease of use and fast problem set up with a MATLAB (TM) interface. The simulation code is written in C++ and parallelized using OpenMP.

OMEGA is a software for MATLAB to reconstruct data obtained with a positron emission tomography device. This software also allows to easily reconstruct ASCII, LMF or Root data obtained from GATE simulations. GATE data can be transformed into sinograms or used in their raw list-mode format in the reconstruction phase. The software includes support for various algorithms like MLEM and OSEM as well as numerous reconstruction methods. These methods include pure MATLAB reconstruction or OpenCL reconstruction. The OpenCL method allows parallel reconstruction with either CPU or GPU. OMEGA also contains a matrix-free reconstruction method for MLEM and OSEM allowing the reconstruction of cases with very high dimensions.