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FLAIEC conference September 29th – 30th, 2022

First Finnish Learning Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in Education – Emphasizing educational research perspectives conference will be arranged in Joensuu, University of Eastern Finland in September 2022.

The keynote speakers at the conference will be internationally acclaimed Professor Dragan Gašević, Professor Sanna Järvelä, Professor Dirk Ifenthaler and Professor Laura Hirsto with OAHOT project.

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Past events

  • Seminar May 4th 2022

    OAHOT seminar May 4th 2022, 16:00-18.15 (Finnish time). In the seminar workshops, one will get to know the applications of learning analytics (LA) and the use of them as part of teaching. The panel discussion of the seminar will present the recent research on LA and reflect the research findings on how LA can be utilized as a concrete tool for teachers. The purpose of the event is to provide teachers with perspectives on concrete ways to utilize LA in teaching. The seminar will be held in Finnish.

  • Seminar November 17th 2021, 14-17 o’clock (Finnish time). Keynote speaker is Assistant Professor Sonsoles Lόpez-Pernas, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid.

Keynote speaker is Assistant Professor Sonsoles Lόpez-Pernas, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid. Furthermore, there will be two shorter commentary speeches and opportunity to discuss together with other listeners and researchers about learning analytics and how it can be utilized in teaching. The speakers are Professor Hanni Muukkonen and Project researcher Riina Kleimola.

Keynote abstract: Scaling learning analytics over a full study program in higher education

Research has demonstrated that all domains of engagement are significant catalysts of academic achievement; such a relationship has been repeatedly confirmed in all levels of education. Engagement has obvious qualities that can be observed, tracked, and easily understood by teachers. More importantly, engagement is malleable, and therefore, disengaged students are amenable to intervention. A pervasive pattern of engagement research is that it has focused on individual courses while longitudinal engagement remains an uncharted territory, especially on the program level. This presentation offers a summary of several empirical studies that have investigated students’ engagement over a full program, its association with drop-out and academic achievement, and the evolution of students’ choice of learning strategies. Such research uses state-of-the-art learning analytics, student-centered methods, survival analysis, as well as single and multi-channel sequence mining. The results show how to identify early program disengagement, who may drop out, and more importantly, when drop out may occur.

  • Webinar May 11th 2021, 14-16 o’clock (Finnish time). Keynote speaker is Professor Filip Dochy (KU Leuven).

Third OAHOT -Webinar. Keynote speaker is professor Filip Dochy. He is the Professor of Learning & Development in Organisations, European Academy of Science – Academia Europaea and TOP 1% scientist at USERN (the Universal Scientific Education and Research Network). He is also the author of :” Creating impact through future learning: The High Impact Learning that Lasts Model.” London: Routledge Publishers.(2018).

Keynote abstract: Prof. Filip Dochy: When do learning analytics tell us something about real learning? And how do we capture High Impact Learning?

In this webinar we will first talk about new views on learning. And consequently discuss whether and by means of  what learning analytics we can get insight into learners’ learning processes. Further we will shortly explain the High Impact Learning model and how we measure how well high impact learning is represented in current curricula. These may be higher education curricula for example or corporate learning curricula for employees  that are in need of lifelong learning trough LES (Learning experience systems) such as the Crossknowledge Learning Suite.


Sonsoles López-Pernas, reseacher, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM)

Sonsoles López-Pernas ( is a researcher at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). Since the beginning of her doctoral studies, her main line of research has been the study of educational escape rooms. Lately, she has been conducting research in the growing field of learning analytics, using methods such as sequence and process mining to gain insights into students’ approaches to learning programming.

Anja Emonds, PhD student, University of Maastricht, Research Experts at Crossknowledge, a Wiley Brand.

Anja Emonds is a learning consultant in corporate learning, while working on her PhD in corporate learning climate and online learning behavior. She investigates the building blocks of a climate for learning, so that organizations can augment the effect of their learning platforms. She advises on learning strategy with a particular interest in learner engagement, employee motivation & blended learning.

  • Webinar December 8th 2020, 14-16 o’clock  (Finnish time)

OAHOT -Webinar December 8th 2020, 14-16 o’clock. Keynote speaker is a researcher of learning analytics, Dr. Mohammed Saqr, University of Eastern Finland. Furthermore, there will be three shorter commentary speeches and opportunity to discuss together with other listeners and researchers about learning analytics and how it can be utilized in teaching.

Keynote abstract: Learning analytics: from predicting failures to understanding success

Learning analytics has emerged to explore the opportunities of sense-making of learners’ data as well as create actionable insights; such insights hold the promise for the provision of effective solutions to imperative issues in education such as attrition and personalized support. Driven by the data and the opportunities it may offer, most initial applications of learning analytics have focused on “failure” predictive models. The premise was that, an early prediction of underachievement offers an opportunity for the implementation of proactive effective remedial strategies. However, predicting failure has proven far from satisfactory and many novel ways have emerged to understand how students learn, struggle, or succeed. By understanding learning, the process of students’ self-regulation, cognitive approaches, and social interactions, we can offer more meaningful feedback tailored to students’ needs as well as advance our understanding of learning. The presentation will focus on how learning analytics can broaden our understanding of learners’ behavior, learning processes and interactions in different contexts and scenarios, drawing on the recent methodological accomplishments and innovations. The presentation will highlight the current debate of the recent challenges and future opportunities.

  • Kick Off webinar May 18th 2020, 14-16 o’clock  (Finnish time)

OAHOT -Webinar will be arranged with collaboration of Breeze under the wings of Global Educational Park project, City of Joensuu and Business Joensuu. Kick off event aims to introduce new OAHOT project as well as bring together different cooperation partners and actors that may capitalize about learning analytics. Keynote speaker is a researcher of learning analytics, professor Dirk Ifenthaler, University of Mannheim, Germany.