Research project

Utilization of learning analytics in the various educational levels and contexts for supporting self-regulated learning (OAHOT)

The aim of the research project is to identify through learning analytics, the key elements of learning processes that support the development of high quality learning and development of know-how. This research project examines the development of learners’ skills, the learning process, learning outcomes and the key elements in the pathway in multiple learning contexts through multiple case-studies, utilizing the same learning analytics tools. As a result of the project, a model is constructed for an effective learning process in flexible learning environments optimized for the learner’s learning process and self-regulation, with the help of dense data provided by learning theories, self-regulation processes and learning analytics. 

The implementation of the project is divided into four work packages:

Work package 1 examines the processes of vocational education and work-based learning from the perspectives of self-regulated learning and competence development with the help of learning analytics.

The purpose of Work package 2 is to elucidate the key elements of learning analytics in supporting university learning. This work package includes a few university courses in which learning environments enable the use of learning analytics.

Work package 3 examines, in the context of primary school, the potential of learning analytics in supporting students’ self-regulation through learning analytics from the perspectives of both the material used by the students and the material they produce themselves.

The purpose of Work Package 4 is not only to provide a theoretical basis for the project but also to compile an overall view of the critical elements of learning, study path and studying that are relevant to the development and support of the learning process and self-regulated learning.