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National Environmental Law

National environmental law is one of the CCEEL’s core areas, covering various themes of traditional and modern environmental law.

Work on national environmental law is currently lead by Dr Ismo Pölönen, Professor of Environmental Law (Bioeconomy and Natural Resources Law)

CCEEL research in environmental law tends to be multidisciplinary and aims towards high societal impact and policy relevance. Much of the research is directly applicable in interpreting and developing national environmental legislation and guidance, and a number of reports have been prepared for the Finnish Government to assist in these tasks.

CCEEL and the UEF Law School offer the widest selection of environmental law courses in Finland, covering all areas of environmental law ranging from nature conservation to zoning- and construction law.

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Current research interests by the national environmental law group include:

  • environmental protection law, particularly environmental impact assessment
  • nature conservation law
  • mining law
  • water law
  • forest law
  • zoning law
  • real estate law
  • theory of argumentation in environmental law
  • chemical law
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