CCEEL Publications

Our latest publications on climate, energy, and environmental law and policies :


•   Holzer, K. (2021) ‘Green Electricity and the GATT’, in Delimatsis P. and L. Reins. (eds.) Trade and Environmental Law. Edward Elgar, pp. 257~261. 

•   Oberthür, S., Tänzler, D., Wright, E., and Khandekar, G. (2021). European Foreign Policy in a Decarbonising World: Challenges and Opportunities (1st ed.). Routledge.


•   Albrecht, E, Pietilä, I and Saarela, SR (2022), ‘Public Perceptions on the Procedural Values and Proposed Outcomes of the Finnish Climate Change Act Amendment’, Frontiers in Climate, vol. 3, article no: 657241.

•   Kotzé, L., Kim, R.E., Blanchard, C., Gellers, J.C., Holley, C., Petersmann,M.C., Van Asselt, H., Biermann, F. and Hurlbert, M (2022). ‘Earth System Law: Exploring New Frontiers in Legal Science’. Earth System Governance, 11, article no: 100126. 

• Huhta, K., (2022). The contribution of energy law to the energy transition and energy research. Global Environmental Change, 73, article no: 102454.

•   Penttinen, S.L., Nippala, E.K., and Kallioharju, K.A. ‘Energy Efficiency in the ‘Fit for 55’ Framework: Increasingly Ambitious Targets Coupled with Hardening Governance’. OGEL 1 (2022) Special issue on the Fit for 55-legislative package.

•   Maddahi, R., (2021). ‘A Pathway for Carbon Capture and Storage in Iran: An International Climate Change Law Perspective’. Carbon & Climate Law Review, 15, pp. 302 – 31.  

•   Martínez Blanco, A., (2021). ‘From Stakeholders to Rightsholders: Assessing Public Participation in the International Climate Regime’. Carbon & Climate Law Review, 15, pp. 282 – 301.

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