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Climate Change and International Environmental Law

Climate change has been identified as one of the greatest contemporary challenges and climate change law is rapidly emerging as a specialised field of legal research and practice. The research group has a strong academic and practical experience on climate law and policy.

CCEEL’s Climate Change and Int’l Environmental Law group’s current research interests include: 

  • The United Nations climate change regime, including the 2015 Paris Agreement
  • European Union climate law and policy
  • Legitimacy of climate policy and climate justice issues
  • Human rights and climate change, public participation and climate change litigation 
  • National framework laws on climate change and implementation of the Paris Agreement 
  • Forests and climate change
  • Short-lived climate pollutants and the link between climate change and air quality
  • Links between climate change and trade law, including border carbon adjustments and other trade measures 
  • The role of non-state actors in international climate change law and governance, including the role of cities
  • Theoretical aspects of climate change law and governance (global and transnational environmental law, polycentric climate governance, new governance, critical international law)
UEF Campus in Joensuu

CCEEL researchers are also active in other fields of international environmental law. Their current research interests relate, among others, to trade and the environment, chemicals and human rights.

PHOTO: Some research group members during a meeting in August 2018, from L-R: Rosemary Mwanza, Outi Manninen, Veera Pekkarinen, Kati Kulovesi, Seita Romppanen, Tuula Honkonen, Harro van Asselt and Maria Eugenia Recio Piva.

Research Group Members

  • Dr Kati Kulovesi, Professor of International Law and International Environmental Law
  • Dr Sebastian Oberthür, Professor of Environmental Policy and Law (part time)
  • Dr Harro van Asselt, Professor, Professor of Climate Change Law and Policy (part time)
  • Dr Annalisa Savaresi, Associate Professor of International Environmental Law
  • Dr Yulia Yamineva, Associate Professor of International Law, specialised in climate change Law and Policy
  • Dr Kateryna Holzer, Senior Researcher in Climate Law and Policy
  • Dr Tuula Honkonen, Senior Lecturer in International and Environmental Law
  • Dr Eugenia Recio, Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Dr Lauri Petersson, Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Dr Ellycia Harrould-Kolieb, Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Adrian Martinez, PhD Candidate
  • Anita Kittery, PhD Candidate
  • Antti Jukka, PhD Candidate
  • Catherine Hall, PhD Candidate
  • Eleanor Reyes Matteo, PhD Candidate (jointly with VUB)
  • Firuz Suleymanov, PhD Candidate (jointly with UEF Doctoral Programme in Past, Space and Environment in Society)
  • Karl Upston-Hooper, PhD Candidate
  • Katri Varis, PhD Candidate
  • Maiju Mähönen, PhD Candidate
  • Moritz Petersmann, PhD Candidate
  • Nicola Sharman, PhD Candidate
  • Otto Bruun,  PhD Candidate
  • Outi Mannien, PhD Candidate
  • Patrick Toussaint, PhD Candidate
  • Raihanatul Jannat – PhD Candidate
  • Reza Maddahi, PhD Candidate
  • Saga Eriksson, PhD Candidate
  • Tatu Hocksell, PhD Candidate
  • Thiago Chagas, PhD Candidate
  • Tuomas Palosaari, PhD Candidate
  • Vandson dos Santos Galdino, PhD Candidate
  • Veera Pekkarinen, PhD Candidate
  • Vilja Johansson, PhD Candidate
  • Niklas Löther, PhD Candidate
  • Bradlie Martz-Sigala, Coordinator of the Master’s Degree Programme in Environmental Policy and Law
  • Sara Tolonen,  Project Researcher
  • Laura Gonzalez Gamez, Research Assistant
  • Nina Koisitinen, Research Assistant
  • Sara Lehtilä, Research Assistant
  • Siobhán Rose, Research Assistant
  • Veera Kankare, Research Assistant

Recently completed PhDs

Rosemary Mwanza, Beyond rhetoric: Can environmental rights provide effective remedies for corporate environmental pollution in the extractive industry in Kenya?

María Eugenia Recio Multiple layers of governance and regulations in forests: Exploring challenges and opportunities for the future REDD+ landscape

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