Working groups & Abstract submission

There will be one working group held in English (see bellow). For the whole list of working groups see here.

Send your abstract via email to the coordinator(s) of the working group of your choice by Friday 8.3.2024. Recommended length for abstracts is 300 words. The outcome of the abstract selection will be informed to the submitted by 15.3.2024.

Working group

Family and personal relationships in the context of societal crisis

Aino Luotonen, Itä-Suomen yliopisto,
Jenna Siivonen, Itä-Suomen yliopisto,


Multicultural couple relationships and racism – Insights and challenges for family
, Ella Alin,, Doctoral researcher, sociology, University of Helsinki

The other side of poverty: Parenthood, children’s position and significant others’
support in families suffering from substance use and gambling problem
, Johanna Järvinen-Tassopoulos, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare

Young adults building intimate futures in societal and relational contexts, Aino Luotonen, Department of Social Sciences, University of Eastern Finland,

Family building and reproduction in Finnish population policy recommendations
in the era of declining birthrates
, Jenna Siivonen, Department of Social Sciences, University of Eastern Finland,