Morning seminars

Morning seminars

***Registrations for the seminars have now ended and new registrations are no longer accepted. We will send a welcome message soon to the event for those who have already registered.***

The seminar “Role of forests and wood under climate change” 10:30-12:30 (EEST)-in English is going to be live-streamed. Follow it here

Seminar 1

8:30-10:00, C1 Auditorium, Carelia
Joensuu – The Capital of Forest Sciences – seminar in English
Chair: Professor Jyrki Kangas (UEF School of Forest Sciences)

Director Marc Palahi (European Forest Institute): The heart of European forest sciences beats in Joensuu
Professor Timo Tokola (UEF School of Forest Sciences): The School’s international achievements in education and research
Director-General Tuula Packalen (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry): Joensuu as the national hub of forest research

Panel discussion: Future of forest research and higher education in Joensuu
Speakers of the Seminar
Executive Vice President Antti Asikainen (Natural Research Institute Finland)
Professor Heli Peltola (UEF School of Forest Sciences)

Coffee break

10:00-10:30 Coffee, tea, and strawberry gateau in the lobby areas of the second floor (for registered seminar participants)

Parallel seminars

Seminar 2a (Science)

10:30-12:30 (EEST), C2 Auditorium, Carelia – seminar in English (to be live-streamed here: UEFlive1 | Itä-Suomen yliopisto)
Role of forests and wood under climate change
Chair: Professor Jouni Pykäläinen (UEF School of Forest Sciences)

Speakers (all from UEF School of Forest Sciences):
Professor Heli Peltola: Climate smart forestry
Professor Eeva-Stiina Tuittila: Boreal peatlands under climate change – feedbacks and mitigation
Professor Teppo Hujala: Finnish forest owners’ perspectives in climate change mitigation and adaption
Professor Kalle Kärhä: Opportunities of digitalisation in forest operations for alleviating climate change challenges

Discussion with the speakers on stage, questions and comments by the audience

Seminar 2b (Education)

10:30-12:00, C1 Auditorium, Carelia – seminar in Finnish
Developing Education at the School of Forest Sciences of the University of Eastern Finland
Chair: Professor Ossi Turunen (UEF School of Forest Sciences)

Head of the School Jukka Tikkanen (UEF School of Forest Sciences): Training for future forest and wood masters in Joensuu
SVP, Head of Wood Supply Finland Janne Partanen (Stora Enso Forest): Meeting of the working life needs and the skills of the graduates from the School of Forest Sciences
Chairperson, forestry student Oma-Emmi Hallman (Joensuun Metsäylioppilaat ry): A student’s expectations for the training provided by the School of Forest Sciences

Discussion: Training provided by the School from the viewpoints of different careers
Heli Jääskeläinen (Finnish Forest Centre)
Annika Kangas (Natural Resources Institute Finland)
Risto Lauhanen (Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences)
Ari Mononen (Iivari Mononen Group)
Elisa Ylimäki (Silvadrones Oy)