Dress code: Dark suite

The dress code for the evening event is a dark suit (formal). As etiquette, a dark suit means festive and elegant dressing. Strive for a presentable and polished appearance, and you’re all set for this kind of dress code.

For men, this means a black or dark-colored suit. The fabric can be moderately striped, but not a clear chalk stripe. The shirt used with the suit is white, especially on more festive occasions, but other restrained colors will also work. Shoes should be suit shoes. The color of the tie or bow is optional, but the most festive choice is a pearl gray tie or a black bow.

This dress code does not mean that a woman’s outfit must also be dark. For women, the dark suit dress code means an outfit made of festive material. Wear a dress – or a chic alternative

A woman’s outfit can also be a one-piece or two-piece or knee-length suit or a formal pantsuit. Dresses can be full or knee-length (or shorter if fashion allows it), in a wide spectrum of colours and styles. You can wear black, of course, if so wish to. Party shoes, with high or no heels, just make sure you are comfortable. Accessorise with a nice little clutch or evening bag.