Answers to frequently asked questions concerning MSc EF

In case something remains unclear, please contact the MSc EF Secretariat for further information.

1. I applied last year but I was not accepted to the programme. If I want to re-apply, do I need to attach all the enclosures again?

Yes. If you want to apply again, you must fill in the on-line application form and attach all the required attachments by the given deadline. None of the attachments can be retrieved from your previous application.

2. Will my application automatically be considered for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship or do I have to apply for that separately?

Yes, your application will be automatically considered for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship and you do not need to apply for that separately. The scholarships will be offered for the best applicants who fulfill the criteria.

3. In the eligibility criteria it is mentioned that I must have a BSc in forestry or related field. What is “related field”?

In order to receive good scores from the selection criteria “Studies in forestry”, you must have a reasonable background in forest management / forest sciences / forestry. You do not need to have a BSc in forestry but you must have studied forestry subjects for your degree. For example, if you  have a BSc degree in Nature Conservation with a minor in forest management you receive lower scores from the selection criteria “Studies in forestry”.

4. Can I send the recommendation letters by myself?

Yes, you can attach those with the online application form. Alternatively, your referees can send those by email to the MSc EF programme coordinator. The deadline for submitting the recommendation letters is the same as for the rest of the application.

5. When do the studies begin?

The studies begin in early August. For example, those who apply during Dec 2021–January 2022 will begin their studies in August 2022.

6. What are the language proficiency requirements?

Good command of English language is a basic requirement for admission. For further information regarding admission requirements of the MSc EF programme see the admission requirements.

7. If I am selected to MSc EF programme, how and when do I apply for accommodation?

The Student Housing Office, Joensuun Elli offers accommodation for the students e.g. in the shared 3–5 room apartments where each student occupies a single room. The residents of each apartment share a kitchen and a bathroom with a shower. The average monthly rent is approximately 140–350 EUR.

Note that each accepted student needs to apply for accommodation as soon as she/he has decided to accept his/her study place. It is not possible for two students to live in one single room and, therefore, it is essential that each student sends his/her own accommodation application. It is also important to accept the received offer as otherwise one might end up not having an accommodation. The MSc EF studies start each year in August and therefore, all students would need to have accommodations in Joensuu from the beginning of August until the end of April.

More information and a link to the application form in the web pages of the Student Housing Office Joensuun Elli.

8. Do I need to apply for a Finnish residence permit?

If you come from non-EU countries, you need to apply for a Finnish residence permit as most of the MSc EF studies during the first year will be in Joensuu. Information on residence permits in Finland can be found on the web pages of the Finnish Immigration Service. In most cases if you receive a 2-year Finnish residence permit, you do not need to apply for a residence permit of your second-year host country. If needed, the residence permit for the second academic year can be obtained later during the first spring or at the beginning of the second year as soon as you know your second year host university, however.  The MSc European Forestry secretariat and the local country coordinators will be there to advise you.

9. How do I register as a present student at the University of Eastern Finland?

Together with your admission letter you will receive instructions how and when you are able to register. General information about the registration and practical issues related to studies at UEF can be found in the Student Handbook Kamu.

10. Do I need insurance?

The MSc EF programme provides an adequate insurance policy (DR-Walter) for all students. Also the requirements of the residence permit include that the student has adequate insurance.

More information

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