The MSc European Forestry programme provides an ideal opportunity to get a high-quality education, to network with professionals from all over the world and travel across Europe. Our two-year 120 ECTS course-based programme is well organised and students can rely on solid support from the MSc European Forestry secretariat with regard to practical arrangements.

During the two years you will be spending with us, you will study at least at two top-quality European universities, participate in an amazing European Forestry field course that takes you across Europe and have an internship in a forest company or institution which familiarises you with working life. At the end of our programme you will be awarded a double degree which means that you will be awarded a Master of Science (Agriculture and Forestry) degree by the University of Eastern Finland and a Master of Science degree by your second-year host university.

Below you can find a video (the length of the video is 4.35 min) made by Ms Jerbelle Elomina from MSc EF 2018-2020 about the European Forestry Field course in May 2018.