Student selection

Student Selection

Selection criteria 2022

All complete applications that have been submitted by the deadline with the requested enclosures will be considered in the student selection and for EMJMD scholarships. Incomplete applications that are not completed in due time will automatically be considered ineligible.

The eligible applications will be evaluated according to six selection criteria:

  • Studies in forestry: 0-40 scores
  • Academic excellence: 0-80 scores
  • Motivation letter: 0-40 scores
  • Work experience/professional qualifications: 0-40 scores
  • International experience: 0-40 scores
  • Recommendation letters: 0-40 scores

Each criterion is evaluated numerically and the ranking list is made according to the total score. Whenever two or more applicants have the same total score, the one who has the higher score in academic excellence will be placed first. Due to aiming at gender balance, when two or more applicants have the same score, women are favoured over men.

Admission results

The university will carry out the student selection and inform the applicants on their admission results by the latest on 31 March 2022 by email. Admitted students can also request paper documents sent by mail if needed. Non-admitted students will be notified about the selection results and the appeal procedures (incl. an appeal form) by email only.

Admitted students should inform whether they accept their study place by latest on 15 July 2022 (the ones to who EMJMD scholarships are proposed are asked to confirm their study places by 15 April 2022).  Students admitted on condition are required to submit the copies of their BSc degree certificate and transcript (and their official translations if not issued in English) by 5 August 2022. Students are expected to arrive in Joensuu during the first days of August. The official programme will start on 3 August 2022.

Verification of original documents

We require that all admitted applicants submit their original degree certificates for verification upon arrival in Finland. Please see UEF’s instructions how to submit documents.