Thesis seminar

Thesis seminar

  • to increase awareness of different master’s theses carried out by the students of the MSc European Forestry programme,
  • to provide a platform for online viewing of the students’ theses presentations,
  • to provide a forum for discussions on each of the topics, and
  • to facilitate the distance interaction of students, graduates and staff of the MSc European Forestry programme.

Below are the online thesis seminars for which the discussion forum in the Moodle course (requires login with UEF username) site is now open. The seminars which have already been closed can be found in the Moodle course site as well.

Larissa Delazari Deniz: Modelling time and fuel usage in timber transport in mountain forestry. Open until 7 October 2020.

Yang Dong: The impact of climate on radial growth of Pinus tabulaeformis and Quercus wutaishanica in Shanxi, China. Open until 6 October 2020.

Aditya Acharya: Dynamics of forest limit elevation in the French Pyrenees (Between 1850 and the present day). Open until 1 October 2020.

Hsiaofan Wu: Influence of tree applications in vineyard agroforestry systems. Open until 29 Sep 2020.