Workshops and locations

Theme 1 new understandings and use of nature and landscapes
wg 1:1 Theorising rural change – Lugnet, Receptionen
wg 1:3 Outdoor recreation and nature-based tourism
in rural areas – implications and challenges – Gabriella, Receptionen
wg 1:4 Rural entrepreneurship – theory and practice
of business development in rural economies – Henrietta, Receptionen
wg 1:5 The rural and the beast – Matilda, Brunnsvik

Theme 2 flows of people, ideas and images
wg 2:2 From rurality to ruralities: an inquiry into the
new rural spaces- Ida, Receptionen
wg 2:5 Invisible populations – second home mobility,
tourism and rural change – Emil, Receptionen
wg 2:7 Immigration to rural areas – Klara, Brunnsvik
a) Rural development, immigration and ethnicity
b) Is everything on the move? Methodological challenges
wg 2:9 Doing rural – identity, generation and
development – Lukas, Receptionen

Theme 3 Politics and policy
wg 3:1 Rural service provision and local care regimes – August, Receptionen
wg 3:3 Social sustainability – what, why and for whom? – Sebastian, Receptionen
wg 3:2/3:5 Nordic politics of the rural – Elvira, Receptionen
wg 3:6 Forest governance – Filippa, Receptionen
wg 3:8 Entrepreneurship, innovation and regional
development in rural areas – Mälarhallen, Lustgården
wg 3:9 Rural landscapes in transition – the need for new
integrated planning and policy approaches – Alexander, Brunnsvik