Kaksi kättä, joissa sanapilvi fasilitaattoreiden nimikkeistä.

Work of the Facilitators

Besides working for their own unit (i.e., a faculty or the Language Centre), the Facilitators also work in networks across faculty boundaries. They are working to reform the teaching of their unit and the university as a whole, seeking to make it increasingly blended and flexible. Pedagogical research stands at the core of all development and measures to be taken in practice.

The Facilitators’ personal interests and skills are diverse. They support the everyday work of their colleagues by collaborating with them in the search for technological-pedagogical solutions to suit different contents and different needs. The Facilitators also promote the sharing of best practices, and they help in finding words to describe challenges experienced within the academic community.

You can contact the Facilitator appointed for your faculty when you need assistance with, or wish to develop something new in, online and blended learning pedagogy. The Facilitator network will also organise training sessions as needed and requested.

The Facilitators develop university, online and blended learning pedagogy in collaboration with the university’s education and supporting services, and with pedagogical experts and researchers. The Facilitators also participate in the work of the university’s Learning Environment Working Group.

Let’s work together to learn, experiment with, and develop new things!


Facilitators – UEF faculties and Language Centre

Philosophical Faculty: University Lecturer Kati Kasanen

Faculty of Science and Forestry: University Lecturer Vesa Paajanen

Faculty of Health Sciences: University Lecturer Piia Siitonen

Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies: University Lecturer Helena Kantanen

Language Centre: University Lecturer Susanna Kohonen

Facilitator Piia Siitonen