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University Lecturer Piia Siitonen


I’m Piia and I’m a University Lecturer in pharmacy. I have a long history, nearly twenty years, of working in various teaching roles ranging from lab work in chemistry and drug manufacturing to simulation exercises in customer service counselling. Currently, I give teaching in drug therapy and customer service and counselling, and I use the flipped classroom method. Interaction and practising interaction skills can be easily done also over the internet!

It is in my nature to get excited about new things, and I’m involved in all sorts of projects. The development of teaching and learning environments is close to my heart, and I feel like that’s a meaningful part of my work. An exciting thing about development is that it’s never finished: there’s always room for improvement. Having said that, though, sometimes less is more. Enabling learning and developing the expertise and professional skills of our students should always stand at the core. What is the optimal way to get our students to learn? Which teaching methods should one use in order to reach this goal?

I’m genuinely interested in working across the borders of different disciplines, departments and faculties to develop teaching. Do you have an idea about how to deliver your teaching, or how to develop it further? Could I help you with working on that idea, and on putting it to practice? I look forward to hearing more about your teaching and working with you to solve your challenges – let’s keep in touch!

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