Learning Environment Working Group

Learning Environment Working Group

The Facilitators participate in the work of the university’s Learning Environment Working Group. The Learning Environment Working Group meets 2-3 times a semester.

Learning Environment Working Group’s scope of tasks:

  • Preparing policy definitions, proposals and matters for decision-making
  • Background research on / proposals of new pedagogical training
  • Testing practices that promote teaching and promoting their implementation on a wider scale
  • Testing new software and technical solutions and devices generally used in teaching,
  • Identifying needs for training and preliminary testing in the units
  • Disseminating information about the development of learning environments between different parties and units
  • Developing communications relating to learning environments
  • Planning the training calendar and coordinating training sessions
  • Brainstorming for training content, especially low-threshold training sessions
  • Becoming familiar with new pedagogical and physical learning environment solutions – getting to know the practices of different disciplines
  • Brainstorming for content for the university’s learning environment seminar, and developing that content further
  • Disseminating information about current activities and reforms
  • The Learning Environment Working Group usually meets every two months.

Members of the Learning Environment Working Group 2020-2021:

Forsström Sampo, Philosophical Faculty, Teacher Training School
Haapaniemi Tommi, Student and Learning Services
Harjula Tarja, Facilities Management
Heide Tuula, Student and Learning Services
Jylhä Virpi, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies
Kantanen Helena, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies
Kasanen Kati, Philosophical Faculty
Kohonen Susanna, Language Centre
Korhonen Kari, Student and Learning Services, chair
Korhonen Jenni, Faculty of Health Sciences
Korhonen Katja, Language Centre
Kouki Satu, Student and Learning Services
Kukkonen Jari, Philosophical Faculty
Laine Krista, Faculty of Health Sciences
Manninen Jyri, Philosophical Faculty
Mielityinen Sampo, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies
Niemi Marja-Liisa, Aducate
Niiranen Simo, IT Services
Paajanen Vesa, Faculty of Science and Forestry
Paldanius Ari, IT Services
Palo-Oja Outi-Maaria, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies
Parikka Laura, Library
Pesonen Erkki, Faculty of Science and Forestry
Ravattinen Markku, IT Services
Rissanen Tiina, Faculty of Health Sciences
Ritvanen Ulla, Student and Learning Services
Ronkainen Antti, Philosophical Faculty
Räsänen Tarja, Facilities Management
Saaranen Terhi, Faculty of Health Sciences
Siitonen Piia, Faculty of Health Sciences
Sointu Erkko, Philosophical Faculty
Soppela Sanna, Aducate
Tervonen Sari, Student and Learning Services
Tiihonen Kati, Student and Learning Services
Tikkanen Outi, Student and Learning Services, secretary
Tolkki Lauri, Language Centre
Tuominen Seija, Aducate
Turkka Satu, Student and Learning Services
Vahimaa Pasi, Faculty of Science and Forestry
Valkonen Ville, Aducate
Väliahde Anni, student member
Widgren-Sallinen Erja, Student and Learning Services
Ågren Jyrki, Faculty of Health Sciences