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EdTech Research Seminar, April 12

You are warmly invited to our monthly EdTech seminar. This time, we have two interesting talks, about educational escape rooms by Sonsoles López-Pernas and about educational robotics by Annastasia Shipepe.

Apr 12, 2021, 12 pm Helsinki time (GMT +3)

Zoom link to the seminar:

Educational Escape rooms

Sonsoles López-Pernas is a researcher at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). Since the beginning of her doctoral studies, her main line of research has been the study of educational escape rooms. In her talk, she will discuss the several educational escape rooms for teaching computer science topics that she has conducted in different scenarios, including courses covering programming and software engineering fundamentals as well as face-to-face and remote settings. She will also present Escapp, a software platform for aiding educators in the cumbersome task of conducting face-to-face and remote educational escape rooms, which aims to overcome some of the main barriers hampering the adoption of these novel learning activities.

Educational robotics and sensor technologies in Namibia

Annastasia (Anna) Shipepe is a first year doctoral student and her research is on the impacts of educational robotics and sensor technologies in Namibia. The main aim of her study is to investigate how learners and students in Namibia can be given a better understanding of robotics and sensor technologies and how innovative robotics systems that could contribute to Namibia’s socio-economic growth can be designed and developed. She will give a presentation on the work done so far with university students and primary school learners in Namibia.