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Edtech Research Seminar, May 10

You are warmly invited to our monthly EdTech seminar. This time, we have two UEF PhD students talking about their research. Ismaila Sanusi has recently started his research on K-12 machine learning topics, whereas Ezra Misaki is reaching the final stretch of his PhD journey.

Monday, May 10, 2021, 12 noon Helsinki time (GMT +3)

Zoom link to the seminar:

Machine learning for K-12 education: Progress report

Ismaila Sanusi is studying how to teach the basics of machine learning in K-12 settings. His research interest is democratising Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence through K-12 education. In this seminar presentation, Ismaila will provide an overview about his research topic. We also hear a progress report of his studies.

Mobile Technology for Enhancing the Flow of Agricultural Information between Small-Scale Farmers and Other Crop Farming Stakeholders in Chamwino, Tanzania.

Ezra Misaki will be soon graduating from the IMPDET-LE program. In this presentation, Ezra will summarise his research as follows.

The incursion of mobile technology into our everyday life business has brought enormous assistance to farmers in exchange for farming information, ideas, and share experience in the farming decision-making domain. This study, through a design science research approach, designed and developed a prototype to facilitate the instantaneous two-way flow of information between farmers and other crop farming stakeholders in a constrained infrastructure environment. The mobileCHAPONA prototype enables farmers to access multiple needed information and broadens their knowledge and skills in decision making along with the agricultural business. Thereby, prompt decision-making supports farmers by improving the level of productivity and hence, their livelihood.