The functioning of human body can be measured as a function of time by using different kinds of measurement systems. The time series acquired in these measurements are in general called biosignals. The most commonly studied biosignals include the electrocardiogram (ECG) and electroencephalogram (EEG) which are measurements of electrical activities of the heart and the brain, respectively. The analysis of biosignals is challenging, because extraction of useful information from these signals often necessitates complex mathematical models as well as knowledge of the underlying human physiology or neurophysiology.

Biosignal Analysis and Medical Imaging Group (BSAMIG) is lead by prof. Pasi A. Karjalainen. In addition, Adjunct prof. Mika Tarvainen is leading the team focusing on cardiovascular signal analysis and physiological modelling in BSAMIG.

The main research topics of the group are currently human motion analysis, modelling of motor control in Parkinson’s disease, development of robot-assisted neurological rehabilitation methods, cardiovascular signal analysis methods, and psychophysiological measurements in assessing human behaviour and health. BSAMIG is maintaining HUMEA laboratory at Kuopio campus of the University. HUMEA laboratory has equipment and methods for human motion and performance analysis. Biosignal and motion measurements are utilized driving simulator environment of the laboratory and in developing robot-assisted neurological rehabilitation methods.

The research group is constantly involved in several regionally, nationally and internationally funded projects, and the collaboration with clinical and industrial partners is intensive.

Prof. Pasi Karjalainen (LinkedIn)

Pasi’s team:

Docent Saara Rissanen

Postdoc Researcher Paavo Vartiainen

Doctoral Researcher German Miroshnichenko

Doctoral Researcher Jere Lavikainen

Adjunct Prof. Mika Tarvainen,

Mika’s team:

Postdoc Researcher Jukka Lipponen

Doctoral Researcher Samu Sorola

Doctoral Researcher Saana Kupari

Active collaborators:

Professor Heikki Tikkanen, Institute of Biomedicine / Sports and Exercise Medicine

Adjunct Professor Hanna Pohjola

Adjunct Professor Lauri Stenroth

Doctoral Researcher Kim Lesch, Institute of Biomedicine / Sports and Exercise Medicine


Verneri Ruonala, PhD; Säteilyturvakeskus

Vesa Hyrylä, MSc; Orion

Early Stage Researcher Dao T. A. Nguyen

Early Stage Researcher Lyydia Meuronen; IPG, UEF