HUMEA laboratory

HUMEA Laboratory

Human Measurement and Analysis (HUMEA) is an open laboratory environment, where facilities are located in one open space. In addition to lab facilities data collection and analysis methods are essential in HUMEA. Methods suitable for field measurements outside laboratory are being developed.

Laboratory is developed in close collaboration with experts of Exercise Medicine of Institute of Biomedicine.

Facilities of the laboratory include:

Motion Lab and Physiology Lab

Robot-assisted rehabilitation development environment

Driving simulator environment

A Virtual tour  into HUMEA laboratory (in Finnish) is found on this link. Another Virtual tour (in English) can be found on this link. This tour was captured before instrumented treadmill was installed into the laboratory. A compact brochure of the lab:  HUMEAflyer

Laboratory head is prof. Pasi A. Karjalainen. Close collaboration is done with prof. Heikki Tikkanen (Institute of Biomedicine)

HUMEA laboratory has been equipped and developed in European Regional Developments Fund projects funded by Regional Council of Pohjois-Savo.

On Twitter and LinkedIn hastag #HUMEA is used by researchers in posts related to the laboratory. 

HUMEA laboratory space