NeuroTracking -project aims to improve the understanding of Parkinson’s disease. A system will be developed, tested and commercialized for quantifying objectively patient’s condition and treatment effects (drug therapy and deep brain stimulation).

NeuroTracking-system uses wearable technology for monitoring of electrical muscle activity and motion for several hours or days. Special algorithms have been developed for analysis of measurement data. These algorithms have been tested with previously measured data from approximately 200 patients. New clinical trials are conducted in collaboration with the Kuopio University Hospital and Helsinki University Hospital in 2018.

In the future, NeuroTracking-system can be used by doctors for supporting the treatment planning in Parkinson’s disease. In addition, it can be used by pharmaceuticals for quantifying drug effects.

Research publications:

Contacts: Saara Rissanen

Spin-off company based on the project: Adamant Health