Mobile robotics and 5G edge computing

The R&D theme of mobile robotics, 3D realtime modelling of environment combined with 5G edge computing is being started in 2022 by procuring the technology in an ERDF funded project:

In the project investments that allow the development of autonomous medical operating room logistics are carried out. The Investments consist of 1) wheeled mobile robots, 2) sensors for mapping 3D geometry of the environment and 3) 5G technology suitable for medical OR. The devices to be procured are suitable for medical operating room use (certifications, regulations). The sensors include depth cameras and lidars to be integrated into robots. The procured equipment will be used in upcoming projects in developing a system in which the robots move autonomously in operating room environment. The mobile robots will move wheeled devices of operating room to suitable locations for each phase of various medical operations.

As result of the project, University of Eastern Finland and Savonia has hardware to develop autonomous medical operating room logistics using 5G private network in collaboration with Kuopio University Hospital. The investments done in the project and the R&D work to be started create new possibilities for mobile robotics and 5G technology research, development and education in North Savo region. In the future projects the mobile robots and the 5g network may also be utilized to other use cases in healtcare environments and in autonomous logistics.

Project is funded by Regional Council of Pohjois-.SAvo and UEF. The official project info in Finnish and English is found in uefconnect portal.

Projects to continue the R&D of this theme are being prepared. Most importantly a BF co-innovation project to be applied in Sept 2022. Currently looking for partners.