EPM1-Eco-project is a part of the New Modalities Ecosystem (https://www.businessfinland.fi/en/whats-new/news/2018/creation-of-novel-medicines-and-better-patient-care-for-the-future-in-an-ecosystem/) that was built by Orion Pharma in year 2018. The ecosystem participants include several universities (University of Eastern Finland, University of Helsinki, University of Turku and Folkhälsan) and companies (Orion Pharma, PerkinElmer, Syrinx Bioanalytics, AdmeScope, Petsofi, Forendo Pharma and InMe). The aim of the ecosystem is to improve the understanding of disease pathology related to symptoms and disease progression and to discover better drug treatments and diagnostic tools as well as digital wearable recording methods for symptom evaluation.

EPM1-Eco-project focuses on developing wearable home-based monitoring for progressive myoclonus-epilepsy (EPM1), that is a progressive disease characterized by stimulus-sensitive myoclonus (muscle jerks) and tonic-clonic epileptic seizures.

In the patient study in collaboration between the Kuopio University Hospital and the University of Eastern Finland, home-based monitoring will tested for quantifying disease characteristics in EPM1. Algorithms will be developed for extracting myoclonic features from surface electromyographic (EMG) and motion data. The connection of continuous EMG and kinematic data with TMS, TMS-EEG and PET will be studied.

The person in charge of the patient study is Reetta Kälviäinen (Professor of Neurology, University of Eastern Finland and Director of Kuopio Epilepsy Center, Kuopio University Hospital).

More information about the development of wearable monitoring tools and analysis algorithms are given by:

Saara Rissanen

Pasi Karjalainen