Effectiveness-based health and social services management, decision-making and legislation

In the area of effectiveness-based health and social services management, decision-making and legislation, we study the management of service processes and the efficient targeting of resources as well as the structures of services. In relation to management, we study the integration of health and social services, the services provided to individuals with multiple conditions and the effectiveness of health and social services management. We also assess the impact and effectiveness of reforms. In relation to financial aspects, we study the cost-effectiveness of services provided to older people, children and families and the cost of medicines. In relation to legislation, we study the fundamental human rights related to welfare at different stages of an individual’s life, as well as the different areas of the income security and welfare services systems.

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  • Lean Work Gender -project (2018-2022)The aim of the Academy of Finland funded (2018-2022)research project: Lean production in public services: new formations of work and gender in biocapitalism, is to study how Lean is applied and how it affects public service work from a sociocultural point of view
  • CENTER FOR SOCIAL AND HEALTH CARE EFFECTIVENESS -PROJECT. University of Helsinki and the University of Eastern Finland started a co-project this year to draw up an action plan for the Center for Social and Health Care Effectiveness. The aim of the project is to define the position, role, structure and the operating methods of the Center for Effectiveness in Social and Health Care industry. The Center for Social and Health Care Effectiveness aims to bring added value and new solutions to decision-making and to the development of health and social services with utilization of the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness information. The action plan also includes long-term financial plan for building the Center to a sustainable basis.
  • PHARMACOECONOMICS & OUTCOMES RESEARCH GROUP. Pharmacoeconomics & Outcomes Research Unit (PHORU) is a research group with a primary focus on health technology assessment (HTA) and outcomes research (e.g., in terms of health-related quality of life, costs, work ability) of pharmacotherapies, health policies, and other health care technologies.