Effectiveness Research at the University of Eastern Finland

Research evidence on the effectiveness of social welfare and health care services is increasingly important due to the population ageing in Finland, Europe and globally. It is vital for the service system to be capable of adapting to the changing needs, and the current social welfare and health care service reform in Finland further highlights this objective.

The multitude of life situations and diversity of lifestyles and personal priorities pose challenges to treatments, prevention and social services alike. To provide information for targeting the limited resources as effectively as possible, it is important to study the effectiveness of current and new treatments and services, their production processes, working practices and preventive measures.  The ongoing social welfare and health care service reform calls for an improved accessibility, quality and flexibility of services, and it also challenges the traditional practices.

Read about our research in four thematic areas

  1. Promotion of well-being and health
  2. Social and health services and the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of their integration
  3. Method development and cost-effectiveness and data-driven approaches
  4. Health and social services management, decision-making and legislation