Implementation research network

The House of Effectiveness at the University of Eastern Finland has established a multidisciplinary research network to support the implementation of evidence-based practices. The members of the multidisciplinary research network are interested in the implementation of evidence-based practice in the contexts of social and health care, well-being and health promotion. The research network includes researchers in nursing, behavioural, medical, health and social sciences.
The research network welcomes all researchers, early career researchers and other experts interested in implementation research. The research network is based on voluntary participation.

Aims of the network

Effective implementation strategies are needed to achieve effectiveness in practice. We have identified a need for development of multidisciplinary implementation research, and also for education in collaboration between Finnish universities. The network is driven by the need to bring together researchers involved in implementation research operating in different institutions.

The aims of the research network are:

  1. Create an open network for researchers and others interested in implementation research.
  2. Identify existing research gaps related to the implementation of evidence-based practices.
  3. Supporting and strengthening implementation research and its diversity in Finland.
  4. Strengthen the collaboration between institutions and different fields of sciences.

For more information, please contact: Mervi Rantsi (Department of Health and Social Management, UEF)