ICT in Effectiveness Research

ICT in Effectiveness Research

Computational applications for social welfare and health care information

The School of Computing of the University of Eastern Finland is a member of a consortium formed by Siun Sote and FCG Prodacapo Group Ltd., which gives the university access to social welfare and health care information and, consequently, provides an excellent target for applying computational methods.

ICT in Medical Applications

The research carried out by the School of Computing into computational spectral imaging and interactive technologies is applied in the Microsurgery Centre of Eastern Finland.

Accessibility of services

  • STN IMPRO is a multidisciplinary research project seeking to develop new analysis methods for evaluating health and social services, and to support the development of more equal and cost-effective services. Research team analyses social welfare and health care structures, accessibility of care, care paths as well as the outcomes, costs and cost-effectiveness of care, both before and after the health and social services reform.