Preparing for a live talk

Preparing for a live talk at ISLE 6

You will have an opportunity to test your audio, screen sharing, etc. some time before the conference (dates to be announced)!

  1. The Zoom meeting room for your session will be open 15 minutes prior to the start of the session – all presenters should enter the waiting room at this time! The ISLE 6 hosts will let you in the session.
  2. The host will trial screen-sharing and audio options with all presenters. If your presentation includes a slide show, please make sure you have closed all personal applications and websites before sharing your screen. When sharing your screen, you can choose to show a specific application or your whole screen. If your presentation includes audio or video, remember to choose “Share computer sound” in the left-side bottom corner when starting screen sharing. When showing a video, you should mute your microphone to prevent audio feedback.
  3. The audience will then be allowed to enter the room just before the start of the session; they will be muted on entry and for the duration of your talk.
  4. The helper will ‘spotlight’ the speaker so that they are visible to the audience, and the session chair will introduce the speaker(s).
  5. Five minutes before the scheduled end of your presentation, you will briefly be interrupted by the chair to remind you to finish your presentation in 5 minutes.
  6. During the Q&A session, audience members can raise their hand. The host will give the floor on a first-come-first-serve basis, by asking the person to unmute themselves.
  7. The audience can also leave their comments in the Zoom chat (the session helper will transfer these comments to Whova after the session), or in the Whova channel for the paper in question.
  8. The Q&A session is scheduled to take 5 minutes, followed by 5 minutes hand-over time for the next presentation.
  9. After your presentation, make sure to check your Whova channel throughout the duration of the conference, and reply to any further questions or conversation threads.

If you have agreed to your presentation being recorded, the session helper will take care of everything related to that. The recording will be uploaded to Planet eStream and linked to Whova as soon as possible (but do note that the uploading may take some time)!