T2D-Data Project

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Welcome to the T2D-Data website!

Digital services are increasingly being used to support healthy lifestyles and prevent lifestyle diseases. Better access to services alone is not enough, but people should commit to using services and making lifestyle changes. We utilize existing unique data collected in the StopDia and DPS projects on human lifestyles, their process of change, metabolomics, and inheritance. Based on our knowledge, in the T2D-Data project we will develop better targeted and personalized services for the prevention of type 2 diabetes. With the support of international partners, using statistical methods and artificial intelligence, we will investigate which background factors explain the commitment to lifestyle interventions and what changes lead to favorable changes in risk factors. Our goal is to test new data-based methods as part of a national self-care system. The results of the T2D-Data project provide solutions for making lasting lifestyle changed and create economic savings for society.

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