Effectiveness of Social Work and Social Welfare Services

Effectiveness of Social Work and Social Welfare Services

We study and develop the effectiveness of social work, social welfare services, and integrated social welfare and health care services.  Analysing the fundamental causes of social problems and the effectiveness of social reforms and service processes lies at the core of our research. We also develop concepts and methodology for effectiveness research addressing social welfare services and integrated care.

Child welfare

We study social work targeting children, adolescents and families. We analyse the effectiveness of different sectors and practices of child welfare, with a particular focus on the related critical factors and processes. Our research is applied research inspired by practice. The objective is to analyse the knowledge base relating to routine child welfare services and to develop evidence-based social work.

Home care for older people

We study and compare the quality, effectiveness and efficacy of home care of older people.

Case management for older people

As part of the PROMEQ Research Project, we develop group-based case management for older people and study its effects on their well-being and health.

Social work with immigrants

Social work with immigrants focuses on the effectiveness of community based services, professional practices and government policies in achieving equable and inclusive outcomes for immigrant groups, while use of participatory methodologies a priority.

  • PROMEQ (Inclusive Promotion of Health and Wellbeing) Research Project develops and demonstrates novel models of promotion of health and wellbeing that are able to talk to and assimilate vulnerable groups and motivate and empower positive transitions in their health and wellbeing. Four groups are selected for interventions: young people (NEET’s, i.e. not in education, not in employment, not in training), persons receiving basic unemployment benefit, adult refugees, and multi-users of social and health care.