Frequently Asked Questions

In the following you will find answers to frequently asked questions concerning the BioMEP doctoral programme.
  1. How do I apply?
    • Please use the application forms provided on the Documents page. The call for applications will be opened on October 3, 2016 with the application deadline set at November 30, 2016.  Please send the complete application by email to: biomep (at) uef.fi
  2. What type of research can I propose?
    • You have the opportunity to choose freely a research topic of your choice that fits within one or more research focus areas of BioMEP.  Please contact one of the supervisors listed under the research areas in order to discuss more specific details on the research topic you are proposing.  The prospective supervisor can also put you in touch with one or more members of BioMEP who might act as co-supervisors.
  3. Is it possible to apply for a part-time enrolment?
    • No, all the PhD positions are granted exclusively for full-time enrolment.