Surgeons at work

Clinical Expert Team

A team of clinical experts from Kuopio University Hospital and KUH Microsurgery Center has participated in planning of the Experts in Medical Computing project. Some of the internships can be assigned to their departments. Students can also inquire internship positions from the hospitals of their area.

MD, Ph.D., DirectorMikael von und zu FraunbergNeurocenter Finland
MD, Ph.D., Professor of NeurosurgeryJuha E. JääskeläinenNeurosurgery
MD, Ph.D., DirectorMaarit AnttilaFican East (Cancer treatments)
MD, Ph.D.Aarno DietzEar, Nose, Throat
Deputy Chief Physicist, Ph.D., Adj. prof.Mikko HakulinenClinical Physiology and Isotope Medicine
MD, ProfessorMarja HedmanHeart and Lumbar Surgery
MDOtto JokelainenPathology
MDKirsimarja MetsävainioCenter for Clinical Training
MDJussi PaternoOphthalmology
MD, Ph.D.Tuomas RauramaaPathology
MD, Ph.D., Associate professorJoonas SirolaOrthopedics and Hand Surgery
MD, Ph.D.Mikko TainaRadiology
MD, CDPJuuso TamminenIntensive Care (ICU)
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