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About the Program

Experts in Medical Computing (EMC) education programme was organized in 2020-2023. This site is about the program (ended June 2023). In semester 2024-2025 the courses created for this programme will be part of Master’s Degree Programme in Information Technology at UEF. The courses are visible in the course selection page.

Experts in Medical Computing (EMC) is a new type of continuous, professional education in Finland. The EMC program is developed together with clinical and industrial experts and aims to address the needs of the Finnish healthcare industry. The program pursues to increase your skills in three domains of medical computing: computer science, business, and healthcare. 

The EMC program is jointly organized by the University of Eastern Finland (School of Computing) and Savonia University of Applied Sciences. The studies are offered by both institutions. After your successful graduation, you will be able to use your earned ECTS credits as a degree student in the compatible study programs.

The EMC program is funded by European Social Fund (ESF) and the Centre for Economic Development, Transport, and the Environment North Savo. 

4 EMC Objectives 

Re-training of the existing workforce in the fields related to medical computing 

Providing hands-on education with clinical and industrial relevance  

Tailoring the curriculum for each student’s knowledge and background 

Building new academic, clinical, and industrial networks and employment pathways

3 Fields of Medical Computing 

The EMC program intersects three domains germane to medical computing: 

  • Computer science
    • Artificial Intelligence and data science 
    • Photonics and image processing 
    • Human-computer interaction 
    • Signals and sensors 
    • IoT and IT architectures, Big Data, communication technology

  • Basic principles of healthcare
    • Client-oriented healthcare service system 
    • Medical device approval process: legislation and regulations

  • Business studies
    • Leadership and management in business development
    • Innovations and commercialization 

2 Main Characteristics 

1-year-long continuous advanced education, corresponding to 60 ECTS

  • Education with clinical and industrial relevance
    • 30 ECTS dedicated to studies and course completion
    • 30 ECTS gained from the internship

  • Flexible education using flipped classes
    • Fully online education in English
      • Study inside or outside of Finland
    • No tuition fee

1 Reason to Study EMC 

Learn, develop, and join the unique community of medical computing.

The logos of the organizers: UEF, Savonia, European Union