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Course Selection

The course selection of the class 2021-2022 is presented below. When reading the table, please keep the following in mind:

  • Both the obligatory courses and the elective Savonia courses are linked to the study portals used for the convenience of the active students. The links of the other elective courses lead to their detailed content and schedule descriptions. The similar descriptions for the Savonia courses can be found here.
  • The academic calendar including study periods can be found here.
  • Regarding the credits, it is estimated that 1 ECTS corresponds to 27 hours of work.

Obligatory Courses

Obligatory theoretical courses take up 13 ECTS of the studies. These courses include topics like general study skills and basics in programming. Practical skills are gained by completing an internship in an EMC-field-related position. The students will receive 30 ECTS from the internship and the report regarding it.

CoursePeriodCreditsLevelOffered by
University Study SkillsI1BeginnerUEF
Client-Oriented Social and Health Care ServicesI-IV5BeginnerSavonia
Introduction to RI-IV2BeginnerUEF
EMC: Webinars in Medical ComputingI-IV5BeginnerEMC program
Internship (incl. final report)III-IV30Beginner – AdvancedEMC program

Elective Courses (Choose for 17 ECTS)

The purpose of the elective courses is to deepen the students’ medical computing know-how. The students should select 17 ECTS from the list below based on their interests and employment needs.

CoursePeriodCreditsLevelOffered by
Medical Device Approval Process (includes Fundamentals of Medical Device Approval Process)I5IntermediateUEF
Being an Agile LeaderI-IV5Intermediate Savonia
Big Data and IoT for Digital HealthI-IV5IntermediateSavonia
Business Intelligence (BI)I-IV5BeginnerSavonia
Data Preprocessing and AnalysisI-IV5IntermediateSavonia
Introduction to PythonI-IV5BeginnerUEF
Leadership, Management and Innovations in Business DevelopmentI-IV5BeginnerSavonia
Medical Imaging and Digital Image ProcessingI-IV5IntermediateSavonia
EMC: Perspectives in Medical ComputingI-IV1BeginnerEMC program
User-Centered DesignI-IV5BeginnerUEF
Advanced Deep LearningII5AdvancedUEF
Advanced Spectral ImagingII4AdvancedUEF
Introduction to Extended Reality (XR) and Virtual TechnologiesII-IV5BeginnerSavonia
Advanced Course in Human-Computer InteractionIII5IntermediateUEF
Machine VisionIII5AdvancedUEF
Machine Learning for SpeechIV5AdvancedUEF
Social Network AnalysisIV5IntermediateUEF
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