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In this section we will publish positive feedback we have received both in text and with videos. Thus, here you can read about and watch how the EMC program has concretely profited its participants.

As EMC is an education program, we were thrilled to receive encouraging feedback from the students. In the following video three of our students tell what has been the best when studying with us.

Besides the students’ experiences, we also recorded some thoughts of EMC organizers and project collaborators. On the recordings the themes of cross-disciplinary studies and industrial relevance were highlighted. See for yourself!

Before the end of the second application round of 2021 we wanted to bring forth the clinical relevance of the program. From the video below you can learn about the health-care-related possibilities of EMC as seen for example by a chief information officer and an associate chief neurosurgeon.

With the EMC class 2021-2022 we have detected a need to bring forth some medical computing related positions. That is why we have started “Internship Success Stories” embedded below. These stories shed light on the actual work our students have contributed to and present the benefits one can gain from the EMC program.

The logos of the organizers: UEF, Savonia, European Union