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Industrial Partners

Industrial partners of the Experts in Medical Computing project have contributed to program planning. Mutually, the project offers the partners a great opportunity to network with students from versatile backgrounds. It is possible, for example, to participate in a brief virtual meeting and present company outlines as well as potential recruitment needs. From the student perspective, the project aims at increasing know-how in the field of medical computing and attempts to respond to the recruitment needs of the companies. Thus, it offers new career possibilities to the students.

The studies of the program last about a year and include an internship period of 3-4 months (25 ECTS). During this period the students work on an internship project agreed on with a company of their choice. So, keep in mind that some of these companies might welcome an active trainee from the program!

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As the population ages and health care becomes more technological, we are facing major changes: health care must evolve from labor-intensive to increasingly information-intensive. This, in turn, requires new skills that combine an understanding of healthcare and information processing. We want to be with the Experts in Medical Computing community on this change.

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Istekki is a leading in-house company in the ICMT industry and constantly needs people with expertise in healthcare and ICT technology. The EMC project will train more of these professionals, which is important both regionally and nationally. Istekki is involved in supporting this training and also hopes to find suitable future employees through it.

The logo of Adamant Health

Adamant Health is a research-based company that aims to increase the life quality of patients with movement disorders (e.g., Parkinson’s disease). The company develops and provides measurement and analysis service for movement disorders to support clinicians, researchers, and pharmaceutical companies in the optimization of treatment and in the evaluation of treatment response.

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ADESANTE Oy is a Finnish healthcare technology company which products utilizes VR/AR/XR technologies. Products (like SurgeryVision and Virtual Training Center) are developed mainly for healthcare service providers use, but also for educational purposes.

The logo of Digital Campus

Digital Campus is a non-profit organization focused on promoting learning innovation and developing capacity through the use of appropriate technology. Our main product is OppiaMobile, an open-source mobile learning platform for the training of front-line health workers in low/middle income countries. Read more about us at!

The logo of Direct Conversion

Direct Conversion Oy is developing and manufacturing next generation X-ray and gamma ray imaging devices. We have headquarters at Stockholm, and subsidiaries in Espoo, London, and Munich. Direct Conversion offers a dynamic, challenging and rewarding opportunity to work with unique state-of-the-art technology in X-ray imaging for medical and industrial applications. Direct Conversion is part of the Varex Imaging Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of flat panel X-ray detectors.

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Disior develops 3D analytics software for medical doctors that analyses, quantifies and parameterizes medical images. As a result, the software turns medical images into automated numerical data and highly accurate patient-specific 3D models – providing objective data for diagnosis, treatment planning and outcome assessment.

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The topics of this training are important as companies digitize and make more use of data in the future.

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Scientific research produces data at an accelerating pace. The growing amount of information poses challenges to data processing and management. KCT Kuopio Center for Gene and Cell Therapy sees the maximum utilization of information technology as an important tool for the future research world and medical information management.

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Labrox is a growing and ambitious OEM-manufacturer of life sciences devices. We are constantly looking for talented individuals who could join our team.

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We create design-driven digital products. Applications for mobile and web environments are our main focus. Our award-winning team combines service design, technology and business expertise. We ask, experiment and listen. This way, we learn how to create even better results – together.

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