Sharing good practices for chronic disease prevention in Europe – CHRODIS Plus visited THL

On Tuesday 12 March, THL arranged a seminar on the international CHRODIS Plus project. The theme was the challenges of health promotion and disease prevention among people with immigrant background and how to overcome them.

 Participants listening to the presentation.

In the seminar, StopDia presented findings on the identification and reduction of the risk of type 2 diabetes. Special emphasis was on the diabetes prevention pilot tailored for people with Somali background. The pilot is implemented as part of the StopDia. The pilot is also a part of the CHRODIS Plus project funded by the EU that aims to implement good practices for the prevention of chronic diseases and development of their treatment in Europe.

Natalia Skogberg (THL) and Maliheh Nekouei Marvi Langari (University of Eastern Finland) started by presenting background information about the health of the immigration population in Finland and the lifestyle guidance provided to them. Then, Idil Hussein shared experiences on the diabetes prevention pilot tailored for people with Somali background.

Sharing of proven practices and their establishment were discussed together. Jelka Zaletel (National Institute of Public Health Slovenia) and Marina Maggini (Italian Ministry of Health) who participated in the the seminar noted that the biggest challenges related to health and wellbeing are very similar in different European countries, which is why it is very useful to learn from the experiences of other countries. “Today, dialogue and cooperation are of utmost importance,” Jaana Lindström (THL) added.

 Perticipants smiling in a row.



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