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CICAT 2025

Circular Economy Catalysts

From Innovation to Business Ecosystems (CICAT2025) aims to accelerate change from linear to circular economy. The project supports Finland’s strategic goal to become a global leader in the circular economy by 2025. The project will work to identify measures hampering and supporting the circular economy and search solutions for companies and Regulators to support the transition to a circular economy.

CICAT2025 explores a wide range of circular economy catalysts that have the potential to Accelerate the adoption of circular economy principles in society and markets. Decision-makers, policy-makers and companies can then apply those catalysts in an effective manner.

The consortium consists of Tampere University, University of Turku, University of Jyväskylä, University of Eastern Finland, Tampere University of Applied Sciences and Turku University of Applied Sciences. The extensive and multidisciplinary consortium brings together expertise in technology, business, policy-making, the arts, linguistics, legislation and stakeholder relations.

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