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Energy law is a specialised field of legal research and practice that focuses on the legal governance of the energy sector. CCEEL’s energy law research team carries out high-quality international research with a societal impact in this area of law.

Energy Law and Policy is one of the focus areas of the Center for Climate, Energy and Environmental Law. Research in this area covers a range of legal and interdisciplinary topics and areas:

  • European energy law and policy
  • International energy law and policy
  • Energy transition governance
  • Constitutional and institutional governance of the energy sector
  • Legal and regulatory issues in natural gas markets and gas utilization
  • International petroleum law and policy
  • Comparative energy law and policy
  • Renewable energy

CCEEL’s Energy Law group is also active in other legal disciplines that are relevant in the energy sector, such as international trade and investment law.

Research Group Members

  • Dr Kim Talus, Professor of European Economic and Energy Law
  • Dr Kaisa Huhta, Assistant Professor of Energy Law
  • Dr Moritz Wustenberg, Senior Researcher in International and European Energy Law
  • Dr Sirja-Leena Penttinen, Senior Lecturer in European Law
  • Katariina Särkänne, Lecturer
  • Aki Aapio, PhD Candidate
  • Ama Opoku Acquah, PhD Candidate
  • Ayodele Oni, PhD Candidate
  • Baiba Miltovica, PhD Candidate
  • Francisca Aguirre, PhD Candidate
  • Ioanna Mersinia, PhD Candidate
  • Jaqueline Pinto, PhD Candidate
  • Sébastien Nöel, PhD Candidate

Recently completed PhD’s

Mykola Iakovenko, The process of liberalization of the East European non-EU energy markets under the requirements of Energy Community.

Berryl Claire Asiago, Government Intervention in International Businesses. The Rise of Local Content Regulations in the Upstream Petroleum Sector.

Nana Asare Obeng-Darko, On the Rules and Regulations Governing Electricity Production from Renewable Energy Sources in Ghana: An Examination of Ghanaian Renewable Energy Law and Policy.

UEF campus in Joensuu

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